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Buy Figure Skates

The 110 Opal (10 Opal) skates are perennial favorites for easy comfort and support in a very attractive boot. Light support. Quilted lining cushions feet and the split tongue design provides stability on the ice. Maintenance free PVC sole unit keeps feet dry. Nickel plated blade gives a smooth edge.

buy figure skates

These skates are perennial favorites for easy comfort and support in a fun and attractive boot! Available in lime or violet for adults and pink for youth these skates offer light support and stability on the ice through a padded lining, feet cushions, and a split tongue design. A maintenance-free PVC sole unit will keep your feet dry on and off the ice. Nickel plated blade gives a smooth and easy to maintain edge.

The 615 Soar has plush trim, and foam-backed velvet linings help support ankles and keep feet warm. 3-strap Velcro Closure in youth sizes 8-12. Power-strap Velcro closure sizes 13-2. These skates are perfect for the youngest skater in your life. Their toes will stay warm and ankles straight as you help them learn their way on the ice.

We hope that this blog has helped you find your perfect first pair of figure skates. If you still have any questions, or would like to consider other skating options feel free to shoot us a message, a member of our team will be more than happy to help you find the right first pair of figure skates for you or a loved one. Happy skating!

Riedell Skates was founded in 1945 with one goal in mind: to produce the finest quality ice and roller skates in the market. More than 70 years later, we continue to reinvent our products and hire only the most skilled craftsmen and women in hopes of achieving the very same perfection that inspired our founder when he set out to change the skating world forever.

Sharpening: We are now sharpening by walk-in, the way we used to be before the pandemic. During the walk-in hours, please leave your skates with us. We will text you when they are done. You can also get a locker key and pick them up later. We are in a shopping center, so there is a lot to do.

Skates can usually be sharpened while you wait on the robot. The hand sharpening can often be done while you wait but can also back up. The high-end figure sharpening often requires a wait. To help, we have lockers available where you can leave your skates for us when we are not there. Also, if you do not want to wait for your sharpening, we can give you a locker key so your skates will be waiting for you. If you would like to leave your skates in a locker but are not sure of the procedure, please ask.

We offer heat molding for hockey and figure skates. We stretch spots that hurt on figure skates with leather uppers and on hockey skates as long as they are not carbon fiber. We replace rivets and change blades on hockey skates.

We can mount your blades onto your boots or move your existing blades. We can adjust the blades as we watch you walk in the lobby. Also, we can work with you on the ice. We will ask questions and align the blades so that you feel the edges are balancing best. We are happy to mount other brands of figure skates such as Avanta, Edea, Harlick, Risport, and SP Teri.

Should you buy figure skates or hockey skates for a child who wants to learn how to ice skate? Many parents don't know. While there is no correct answer, each type of skate has distinct characteristics and benefits.

The figure skate's blade is its single most recognizable feature, with a toe pick at the front of the blade that distinguishes it from a hockey skate blade. A figure skater plants the toe pick into the ice to launch jumps or to execute a pivot.

The best skates for learning are the skates available to you, and that fit well; there's no reason not to simply buy the skates that match the sport that interests your child. Nothing says that a youngster who learns with figure skates can't switch to hockey skates and vice versa. But if you're trying to decide between figure skates versus hockey skates, consider these points:

The Ice Factory is an authorized retailer for Riedell, Edea, Jackson, and Risport boots. We are also the authorized retailer for John Wilson, MK and Eclipse figure skate blades. When you buy from us, you'll enjoy special cost-saving benefits including:

For beginners, we'll teach you how to care for your skates and help pick the perfect pair for you. Advanced skaters can upgrade to the next level with our high-end options, including specialty blade options from Eclipse, John Wilson, and MK.

Too often skaters waste time and money by buying used skates or purchasing online. These skates are frequently the wrong size or not the right model to provide the best support in your skating development.

The Cabin John Pro Shop offers a full line of skating equipment for figure skaters and recreational skaters. We proudly feature Jackson, Riedell, and Scott Hamilton Risport skate sets, MK and John Wilson blades, Mondor dresses, apparel, and skating tights, ZUCA bags and much more!

The Cabin John Ice Pro Shop offers a complete line of skate services, including sharpening, blade mounting, heat molding, stretching, and more. If the Pro Shop is not open, feel free to drop your skates off at the front desk to get them sharpened. Cabin John Ice Rink offers Blademaster BFD Flat Bottom sharpening, as well as sharpening for Paramount and Matrix figure skating blades.

Riedell Figure Skates are some of the most popular skates for first time buyers to high-level competitors. Riedell ice skate models range from entry-level to advanced, with many skate options available in the middle.

The Inside Edge Pro Shop is your one-stop hockey equipment, figure skating equipment and apparel shop. We pride ourselves on customer service so if you need help any time of the day or evening just ask a Shift Manager for assistance. If we do not have an item you are interested in, we can get it for you!

The Greensboro Ice House offers professional skate sharpening! Sharpening can be done at your convenience. On the spot sharpeners are typically here multiple times a week, but not at all times. If you need your skates sharpened immediately, call us at (336) 852-1515 to ensure a skate sharpener is available.

There are numerous materials used to make sticks today as well as different curves and stiffness. Basically there are three styles/options for sticks: composite, wood/fiberglass blend and shaft and blade. Composite sticks are made of graphite, Kevlar, and other strong synthetic materials designed to improve power and strength. Many refer to these as one piece sticks. Wood/fiberglass sticks are a one-piece shaft and blade that is made of a blend of wood and fiberglass. These sticks are not as expensive but break more easily than composites. The last option is a composite shaft with a insert blade. The blades are made of wood, fiberglass or graphite. Shaft and blade are sold separately and are replaceable. The next area that must be looked at is the stiffness of the stick. The greater the flex the more the stick will bend. All of the above will depend on personal preference and it is recommended that younger players look for a junior style stick. The next variable to consider is the curve. First you need to determine whether you need a right handed or left-handed stick. A right-handed shot holds the top of the stick with the left hand and the bottom of the stick with his/her right hand. The opposite would be true for a left hand shot. Whichever is more comfortable is what you should use. There are many different options when looking at curves; you may need to try a few before finding what is right for yourself. The last variable to consider is the length of the stick. Sticks are made as either Junior or Senior models. Junior models are designed for children so they are shorter and not as wide around as the Senior models. When standing on skates the stick should reach to about your chin. All sticks can be cut to you height if needed. In street shoes you should look to have the stick come up to your nose to take into account your skates.

Skates are the most important piece of equipment a player wears. When looking at skates you must look for protection, stability, and a proper fit. The fit is often overlooked to get more use out of it. Generally you should purchase skates 1 to 1 _ size smaller than your shoe size to ensure a tight fit (This will differ between manufactures and between youth to adult skates). Skates should always be tied tight; not to the point where ones feet begin to hurt, but tight enough to avoid sliding or shifting in the boot. This will also avoid improper skating technique and possible injury.

The Pro Shops at Sharks Ice offer a full line of Hockey Equipment for all ages and abilities. For Beginners we offer the least expensive skates and equipment, without jeopardizing quality or performance. Beginner Hockey Players are required to have skates, helmet, face cage, shin pads, elbow pads, gloves, protective supporter, stick and a roll of hockey tape to begin with. The purchasing of hockey pants, and shoulder pads would follow this. Other items eventually needed would be a garter belt, hockey socks, and a jersey.

Sharks Ice has a wide variety of Figure Skates, Dresses, Tights, and accessories for all levels of skaters. For the beginner we have Riedell skates in the $59-80 price range. For the intermediate and advanced skaters we carry Riedell and Jackson figure skates. We carry John Wilson, MK, and Ultima Figure Blades including Majestic, MK Professional, Gold Star, Gold Seal, and Legacy among others. We also stock Mondor Tights and Dresses, Chloe Noel, Bunga Pads and carry exclusively Zuca frames and Bags.

Plus we offer skate sharpening! The Blademaster Precision Skate Sharpening Station is designed to produce the sharp, clean edges. For both hockey and figure skates, the Blademaster will keep you sharp on the ice. 041b061a72

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