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Microsoft Windows 7 Sp2 Iso 390

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Microsoft Windows 7 Sp2 Iso 390

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On Sep 22, 2:25 am, swordoath wrote:> I can't seem to figure this one out for the life of me.> I have 100 updates that need to be installed.> I have started and stopped the wuauserv, I have updated to windows> update client 3 I believe it is using /wuforce> I have no proxy server, and my antivirus is turned off, it is AVG.> I have tried doing the updates one at a time and they end up failing if> I do it though windows update but they work if I download them and> install them manually.> and I have no third party plugins or firewalls, I have tried the> updates with internet explorer 6,7, and 8 now. Im' using windows xp pro> with service pack 2> below is the start and stop of my log it excludes the updates if I need> to include them just ask.

If this issue still exists, What is your OS? If it is Vista or later, follow the two setps shown below and try reinstalling to see if the issue is fixed.1. Verify that if you have turned on the feature of .NET Framework. (Control Panel - Programs and Features - Turn Windows features on or off - Verify that the box next to Microsoft .NET Framework has been checked)2. Use Verification Tool to verify .Net Framework has been installed well on your OS. If .Net Framework cannot be verified on your computer, you can try to follow the steps mentioned in this blog to repair the .NET Framework.If the installation still fails, I think we need to collect the logs for further troubleshooting. After collecting logs, you may send file to me ( steps to collect the log:- Try to clean your "%temp%" folder (Start Menu >> Run >> Type "%temp%")- Install Visual Studio- Collect the logs from "%temp%" folder Collect tool: -studio-and-net-log-collection-utility.aspx

Thank you very much for your time, but unfortunately that did not work. I followed instructions, also I did try with 2 different ISO images, same result. But difference this time after installing is that the driver is implemented allready so I did not had to search it on internet, but the MAIN problem is still there, and the problem is: When any USB device is connected before windows loads then it will see it, but if I load windows allready and connect USB stick or any other USB device it wont show it, tested on all 3 ports.

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