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Worms Armageddon [GOG] Skidrow Reloaded ##TOP##

Increadible project with many new fucntions and good preset list, also a manual.I'm currently trying to run worms aramageddon in windowed. Seems emulating primary surface doesn't go good. The game spaws second child window which dxwnd seems to not like much. As the screen remains black, tried 16bbp fix and autorefresh surface, hook child windows, well that gave me the biggest success as when i clicking thru the black window i can see text fields and sometimes screen to appear for seconds, the sound and everything works, even the graphical mouse is shown at a times, still freezes. The game uses DirectX1-6 version.Trace logs here. =0B7MS086qw3wgSS1qSXFPRlp2OTg =0B7MS086qw3wgU0hlUmlzZ2RCdEkThere is currently no wrapper that allows worms armageddon / world party to work in windowed, except if you run it uner linux with wine.The game is the lasted beta version.

Worms Armageddon [GOG] Skidrow Reloaded


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