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[S8E8] Cage

  • And Starring: "Special Guest Star Connie Nielsen" and the regular guest stars lineup ending "With Viola Davis and Ken Howard".

  • Artifact Title: The episode's villains lock the children in cages.

  • Break the Cutie: The episode revolves around physically and mentally-ill children being further traumatized by abuse within the foster system.

  • This case, specifically the suicide attempt at the end, proves to be the last straw for Dani Beck and she leaves the Special Victims Unit as a result.

  • Downer Ending: The episode ends with Dani leaving SVU and Eden back to the foster care system, despite the perps answering for their actions.

  • Harmful to Minors: The Gablers subject their adopted children to corporal punishments.

  • Interrupted Suicide: Eden tries to commit suicide, but Dani stops her just in time.

  • Kill It with Fire: Eden attempted to commit suicide by walking to a fire.

  • Living Emotional Crutch: Eden becomes overly reliant on Dani to function. Dani is eventually overwhelmed and ultimately had to reject her.

  • Love Triangle: There is visible tension when Kathy arrives at the hospital to visit Elliot (who was stabbed) and sees Dani there.

  • Murder-Suicide: Discussed. When Dani interrupts Eden's suicide attempt, she scolds the girl that she could've killed them both for starting a fire. Eden replies that she would be okay with that since it means they'll be together.

  • Put on a Bus: Dani ultimately finds out that she can't handle the victims anymore and leaves.

  • Troubling Unchildlike Behavior: The episode tackles Reactive Detachment Disorder, or RAD, a rare, but serious lifelong disorder, in which a child is unable normal, healthy relationships. For specifics; Marc is prone to violence, attacking both Huang and Stabler.

  • Eden is a six year old girl who is both suicidal and have mental breakdowns.

  • Yandere: Eden becomes so reliant on Dani to the point that she's okay if they die as long as they're together.

[S8E8] Cage


In the eighth episode "Cage", Margo Martindale played Rita Gabler, a foster parent whose methods have a devastating effect on a young girl. Neal Baer continued to praise her performance and in 2011 said "I know how good she is because when I did SVU, she put Elle Fanning in a cage and told her to set Connie Nielsen on fire."[14] The ninth episode "Choreographed" marked the return of Mariska Hargitay's character to the Special Victims Unit. The episode starred Bob Saget as a suspicious husband. Hargitay expressed her excitement about working with Saget and called him "America's biggest secret."[15] The tenth episode guest starred Paget Brewster as the secretly adopted/stolen daughter of a man who has a criminal past and days to live. The episode shows Benson spending time with the man, as he bluntly tells her and Stabler character, the stories of his crimes, and how Sheila (Brewster) came to be his daughter. The eleventh episode "Burned" starred Michael Michele as an alleged rape victim who gains the sympathy of Detective Benson but not Detective Stabler. This reunited her with Eriq LaSalle, Neal Baer and Mariska Hargitay from her time on ER. LaSalle, who directed the episode, joked that "It also gave [him] an excuse to boss Michael Michele around."[2]

After a while, an idea occurs to Nya, who uses her spear to pin the gear on Misako's cage, keeping it in place, and allowing Cole to winch up Lloyd's cage. After being freed by Cole, the Green Ninja quickly joins the fight. As the ritual reaches its conclusion and the roof of the temple reshapes itself, the ninja make an attempt to fight back using Spinjitzu and manage to stop the portal from opening; this creates a shockwave that knocks out Harumi and the Sons of Garmadon. The Commissioner and his forces storm the area to arrest the villains with a screaming Harumi being arrested by Simon and Tommy with Jay and Cole assisting some officers in the arrest of Killow when he tries to escape. As the members are taken away, an officer frees Misako, who hears an apology from her son for not seeing through Harumi, but she doesn't blame him. Lloyd, hurt by the betrayal, also informs his mother that he'll never be so quick to trust someone again.

The duo leaves and goes to a store, where the store owner tells them to not touch anything. During this time, Rigby finds an evil brain. The evil brain tells Rigby that he is just a country brain and he wants to go back to his family in the country. To Rigby's despair, he opens the cage and lets the brain out. Mordecai and Rigby then find out that the brain is evil, as said by the store clerk. He also tells the duo that the only way to beat him is in chess, but that was a long time ago, and he has gotten better since watching Chess TV.

After taking the remaining students to the paper mill at gunpoint with submachine guns, Joshua and Matthew then strapped shock collars around their necks to discourage resistance and kept them in a large cage. After a while, the two would select one student each and had them play out the game. Using earpieces and also speakerphones set up throughout the mill, they taunted them and made threats to ensure their cooperation. They would watch the students from a room inside the mill that housed computer screens connected to surveillance cameras to know where they were at all times.

Monk wakes to find that Xavier has abducted him and locked him up in his car's trunk... with Harold! Both men freak out from claustrophobia, and Harold admits that he has lied about much of the progress he has made. Something remarkable happens: Adrian and Harold become friends! Harold admits that he has baited Monk for many years and Adrian admits that he envies Harold's relative success in getting on with his life, despite his many phobias. Both men come to the belated realization that they share many of the same problems, and Monk has a breakthrough that allows them both to conquer their claustrophobia: the trunk is not a cage, it is a protective space, keeping them safe from all the things "out there," especially germs. They work together to escape, using the car's jack to pry open the trunk from the inside.

Stabler and Beck returned to the house when Eden told the detectives that her little sister had been kept in the barn. When the detectives searched the barn, they found a little boy in a cage. Bud and Rita were arrested on the scene and Stabler took the scared little boy out of the cage.

Bud assured the detectives that he never abused any of his foster children. He said that the kids who were evil were put into the cage and Joey deserved that punishment. They interviewed the foster children, too. One little boy verified that Joey tried to push him down basement stairs. All the foster children claimed they were never abused and that Bud and Rita always looked out for them. 041b061a72

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