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Goat Simulator: Waste Of Space

You will control the goat and build yourself a solid space colony by gobbling people and stealing their money, this may seem crazy to some, but it also has its own interesting things. To do that, you have to build a simulator for training needs, a space museum, or even a spaceship of your own to shoot down asteroids and space pirates. Besides, you can also use your own planes to travel to planets near your colony.

Goat Simulator: Waste of Space


The expansion promises to let players visit space today (or "get old waiting for that other space game you already paid for"), allowing players to take crowdfunding in a literal sense by building a crowd to inhabit a new space colony, led by an Arnold Schwarzeneggar-sounding governor who is a living critique of the Kickstarter business model. The game will include a nearby planet for exploration, and the ability to fly a spacecraft and make things explode. In short, typical goat things.

The trailer takes things into overdrive as it starts to cut more frequently, and throws several more parodies into the mix: A Star Trek-looking man beams down to a planet, only to find the face-huggers from Alien eagerly awaiting, having been recently spewed out from an alien goat. A cat in the form of a Portal turret then begins to unfurl, which leaves more questions than it answers. As the trailer comes to a close, the hashtag '#MakeSpaceGreatAgain' pokes fun at Donald Trump, who recently had his own run-in with a game-related space video.

Our goat has already survived the zombie apocalypse and participated in the MMO. It's time to leave this mortal world and go into space. You will create your space station and you will beat money out of its inhabitants. Developers have created the largest map of all parts, and of course left the same crazy gameplay.

At long last, PlayStation 4 users can experience man's greatest achievement: sending goats to space. Soon, they can bounce their virtual hooves around in low-grav environments, eat space trash, and just experience the things that typically happen when you put goats in atmospheres without oxygen.

Yes, you herd me right. Waste of Space lets you headbutt people in space, which is inherently better than doing so on earth. There's asteroid and space shooting, space museums, black holes, space colony crowdfunding (that "CrowdKicker" logo does indeed remind me of something), 3D printing, bridge commanding,... whatever floats your goat basically. 041b061a72

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